Botanical Garden of Xylopolis

The new botanical garden of Xylopolis of the Municipality of Lachanas amounts to 80,000 square meters and a total of 4,117 plants of 945 species and varieties of plants have been planted. 1.100 species and varieties of plants of the Greek and Mediterranean flora in general. These include approximately 850 roses, more than 12,000 bulbs,

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Horse riding in Lefkochori

With the guidance of experienced hiking guides you can take a ride with horses and ponies in the enchanting Lefkochori of Lachanas. The excellent agrotourism facilities of the village offer visitors the opportunity to try new and different activities which include, apart from horse riding, shooting, archery, cycling and other alternative activities. In the village

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Pontian Reunion in Askos

A special day for the residents is the “Meeting of Pontians” (Antamoma), one of the most successful events organized in the village on the last weekend of July. If you find yourself on the feast day of Saint Georgios in Askos, crowds of people gather at the village church to honor the memory of the

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