Taste the authentic Dorkados yoghurt!

Dorcada is a refugee village in the Lagada Province. Refugees settled in the area in 1922, coming from the village of Karatzaki in Eastern Thrace, which was famous for its cheese production. Their new home was given the name ‘Dorcas’ (a type of venison) in memory of their hometown. As connoisseurs of the art, the inhabitants set up small workshops where they made yoghurt from the sheep and goats they themselves bred.

Today in Dorcada there are 7 laboratories producing yoghurt with parallel production of other dairy products. The most famous, however, is the excellent Dorkados yoghurt, with its unique recipe and different way of production. Due to the lack of preservatives, you will find the authentic Dorkados yoghurt only in Thessaloniki and areas near Dorkada. In the old days it was so solid that it was cut with a knife!

If you find yourself in Langadas do not miss the opportunity to visit Dorcada Village – the famous “yogurt village” – and taste the “authentic” yogurt of Dorcada with lots of honey!!!! The LIDO hotel is only 23 minutes away by car.