Hotel in Langadas, Thessaloniki

Since 1925 the Karageorgiou family has been maintaining the hotel tradition for the fourth generation. The LIDO hotel in the heart of the city of Langadas is located just 20 km from the center of Thessaloniki and is waiting for you.

Amenities & Services

Our hotel is recently renovated and has 18 rooms all decorated in a classic style.
Center of the city

Advantageous location
in the center of Langadas

Private Shower

Private shower
in all rooms

Air conditioning

Air conditioning for cooling or heating
in all rooms


in all rooms


Central heating
in all rooms


Private fridge
for your food

Free Wi-Fi

Safe & free wi-fi
to all guests

Pet Friendly

Pets are allowed upon request


Phone in every room

Soundproof Windows

We are in the city centre,
without the noise of the center


Elevator for all guests

Luggage area

Luggage area
for temporary storage

Coffee & Breakfast Lounge

Breakfast area for discussion with coffee and lunch, open for 3,5 hours


Enjoy your meal in
Taverna 5fi, just at 250meters

Rooms with Balcony

Rooms with balcony to better enjoy your stay

Rooms with a View

Rooms with panoramic view
to the city of Langadas

miscellaneous 326 final
30 min from the airport

30 minutes by car from
the airport "Macedonia" (SKG)

Long-distance transport

Distance from the long distance bus station,
just 400 meters

27 λεπτά από τον ΟΣΕ

Απόσταση από τον ΟΣΕ
32km μέσω εγνατίας

Artboard 8
31 λεπτά από το
Λιμάνι Θεσσαλονίκης

Απόσταση από το Λιμάνι Θεσσαλονίκης
21km μέσω εγνατίας

Taxi Services

Ability to call a taxi
on your behalf

Public Parking Area

Around our hotel you will find many free parking area and public parking

Car Rental

Possibility to rent
a car on your behalf

Laundry Service

Possibility to wash your clothes
with additional charge

Miscellaneous 91 solid
Stay Late

Possibility for late checkout with low
additional charge

Unique Hospitality

Smile and friendly service for all our customers and 24hour reception

lagkadas hotel near Thessaloniki

LIDO Hotel

The hospitable and budget hotel in the heart of Langadas

Lido Hotel is located in the centre of Langadas Thessaloniki since 1976. The very affordable prices, easy access to the city centre and a variety of attractive destinations allow you to combine a stay in a quiet, natural landscape without depriving yourself of the pleasures of the nymph of the North, Thessaloniki. Each room is curated, fully equipped and individually decorated in order to offer you the best stay. A breakfast and discussion area is available where you can enjoy your coffee. We look forward to hosting you!

Nearby Destinations

Byzantine Thermal Baths

Langadas is known for its thermal baths. It is the famous Bath Town that was built in 900 AD and is still in operation today. The spa town provides hydrotherapy, swimming pool and total body care services. The Lido Hotel is just 2.5km from the Baths

Religious Tourism

The area of Langadas has an intense religious activity. Great Saints of the Orthodox Church such as St. Kyranna the Great Martyr of Ossaia, St. Aquilina of Zagliverini, St. Akakios Bishop of Liti and Redini lived and martyred in these hallowed grounds.

lagkadas hotel near thessaloniki

The Nymph of Thermaikos

Langadas is located just 30 minutes by car from the center of Thessaloniki and if you have as your destination the Nymph of Thermaikos and at the same time you want to escape to the enchanting nature of the 48 villages of the Municipality of Langadas then our hotel is an excellent solution.

Our guests talk about us online and we thank them!

Nice and clean
"Nice, clean and quiet hotel. Always willing to help with anything you need. Next to the center of Langadas."
Spiros A.
Carefully designed with access
"Quite sophisticated, centrally located with easy access."
Periklis G.
nice... Back to the 60s!
"Hospitable and cordial people. Clean overall, very quiet though central, mattress unexpectedly comfortable. *check the clocks above the main entrance :). If you stop at Langadas (!??) at Lido you stay fearlessly."
John Th.
from 5
Very clean room
"Very clean room. The owner was very helpful."
Stavros T.
Ηotel with family hospitality
"Family hotel in the centre of Langadas. We booked some rooms for two nights for a wedding. They were very helpful, decorated the bride's room and breakfast room and gave us the room for the bride's preparation. Overall, the rooms are comfortable and clean and the breakfast is hearty."
Vasileia T.
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How to arrive at our hotel

The hotel is located at str. 14 Asteriou Economou in Langadas, Thessaloniki
Health Protocol Covid19

Our hotel is fully compliant with the Ministry of Tourism's guidelines for the implementation of new health protocols created by Covid019 and has taken all necessary precautions for staff and guests.

Only 30 minutes from Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia"

We are 40.7km from Thessaloniki Airport “Macedonia” (SKG) and in less than 30 minutes by car you can be at our hotel. Without delaying the city traffic, since there is easy access via the Regional Road and without searching for parking in the center of Thessaloniki!
1 λεπτό από Στάση για Θεσσαλονίκη

Απόσταση από την στάση
"Λεωφορείο για Θεσσαλονίκη"
στα 150 μέτρα.

27 λεπτά από τον ΟΣΕ

Απόσταση από τον ΟΣΕ
32km μέσω εγνατίας

Artboard 8
31 λεπτά από το Λιμάνι Θεσσαλονίκης

Απόσταση από το Λιμάνι Θεσσαλονίκης
21km μέσω εγνατίας

27 λεπτά από το Νοσοκομείο Παπανικολάου

24km απόσταση από το Νοσοκομείο Παπανικολάου
από την Ε.Ο. Θεσσαλονίκης - Καβάλας

18 λεπτά από το Νοσοκομείο Παπαγεωργίου

16,8 km απόσταση από το Νοσοκομείο Παπαγεωργίου
από την Ε.Ο. Θεσσαλονίκης - Καβάλας