Carnival and Koudounophoroi of Sochos – Merios

Built at the foot of Mount Vertiskos, northeast of the prefecture of Thessaloniki and with an altitude of 650 meters, is the Municipal Unit of Sochos.

From the earliest times it belonged to one of the 18 provinces of the Macedonian Kingdom, the province of Visalta. The rich local tradition of the region is highlighted through the revival of unique customs such as the traditional carnival events of the carnival of the cuckoo carriers of Sochos and the folk festival of the Holy Apostles on June 30th.

During the Carnival period an impressive event takes place in Sochos. The Koudounophoroi of “Merion”, having their roots in the ancient Dionysian cult, present a unique spectacle, attracting the interest of thousands of visitors, both in Greece and abroad. It is a custom closely linked to the tradition of the village and plays the role of not only a carnival celebration but also a custom that brings the harvest of the inhabitants.

The carnival has been awarded many times by European exhibitions and programmes such as “Masques d’Europe”.

You can also see many of the costumes worn by the donkeys at the Local Museum of Sochos, which presents traditional objects and local costumes.