The Neromanes of Vertiscos

As a mother, who is always giving to her children, they likened the previous years to the sources of abundant water, the so-called “neromanes”, from which the villages were watered. In Vertiskos, in the municipality of Langadas, many neromanes are still preserved and the residents have undertaken a series of projects in order to highlight […]

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Saint Kyranna of Ossaia

Avissoka or Vyrsoka, in today’s Ossa of Thessaloniki, is a village built on the slopes of Mount Vertiskos at an altitude of 650 meters. Ossa has its own history since it is known since the Hellenistic times as the city of ancient Visaltia. Saint Kyranna of Ossa was born and martyred in Ossa. In the

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Cherry Festival in Ossa

At the end of June, it is worth visiting the “Cherry Festival” in Ossa where the residents celebrate the excellent quality of their production, organizing parallel cultural events. Just outside the village there is a fully accessible winery with tasting facilities, an open-air oenology museum, a wine aging cellar, a traditional café and a restaurant.

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