Good Eaters’ Shelters at Pente Vryses

Just 13 minutes from Langadas is the village of Pente Vryses

It was founded in 1937. It was originally called Pente Pigadia (Five Wells) because the women used to take water from them. After a few years the inhabitants moved 3 km east of their original location and changed the name to Pente Vryses (Five Fountains.)

There is another place called Pente Pigadia and it is a wonderful place worth visiting. It’s a place that has plane trees all around and a bridge over a river. Near there was the old village site. The residents made efforts so that this place would remain clean and beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful villages in the surrounding area.

It is still famous for its beautiful taverns and we can describe it as the haunt of gourmets. In the centre of the village there are five fountains where you can cool off with their clean water.

There is an area with plane trees, benches and greenery to sit and rest. There is a playground for our little friends to have a good time. Inside the village there are several places to play sports. It has 5 basketball courts, a football field, etc.

It is worth a stop at the beautiful square and the taverns of the village to enjoy the excellent cuisine and the genuine local products.