Saint Kyranna of Ossaia

Avissoka or Vyrsoka, in today’s Ossa of Thessaloniki, is a village built on the slopes of Mount Vertiskos at an altitude of 650 meters. Ossa has its own history since it is known since the Hellenistic times as the city of ancient Visaltia.

Saint Kyranna of Ossa was born and martyred in Ossa.

In the village of Ossa, there is the Holy Church of the Great Martyr Saint Kyrana, who is the patron saint of the community, dedicated to the memory of the new martyr. The church was built in 1840, as mentioned by Asterios Thilikos, or in 1868 according to a building inscription.

The miraculous icon of Saint Kyranna is kept there.

The memory of the Saint is celebrated on 8 January each year.