Byzantine Thermal Baths of Langadas

Langadas is known for its thermal baths since the Byzantine era. It is the famous Baths town that was built in 900 AD and is still in operation today. The spa town provides hydrotherapy, swimming pool and total body care services.

The water quality is excellent for both bathing and drinking. Over the years hoteliers have learned from the people who visit them the beneficial properties of water. There are modern facilities with private and public pools, massage services and much more that only a visit will convince you. Also in the baths area there is an open summer swimming pool as well as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball courts and a playground for younger children next to the refreshment room.

You can make reservations at various baths such as Justinian (Byzantine group bath 900 AD), Mygdonia (Byzantine group bath 1400 AD), Thermia Artemis (Group bath designed for circulatory system diseases), Koroneia which is a modern group bath and also at the Hamam Koroneia Bath for private reservations. In Loutropolis Lagada there are 21 individual hot tubs and 20 individual baths and it is only 2.5 km away from LIDO Hotel.