Holy Step of Apostle Paul in Derveni (Lagina)

Just outside the city of Thessaloniki in Lagina, in the area of Derveni, is the Holy Pilgrimage of Apostle Paul and Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The Holy Step of Apostle Paul in Derveni, reminds the passage of the point, following the Egnatia Odos, after previously passed by Apollonia and earlier by Amphipolis and Philippi.

On his journey to Veroia, the “Apostle of the Nations” stayed one night in Apollonia where he preached the Word of God and passed by Lagina, at the height of today’s Derveni, together with his partner Silas.

The holy pilgrimage of the crossing of the Apostle Paul in Derveni is a recent relevant monument as it was created in October 2011 outside the village of Lagina. The monument was inaugurated by the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew himself.

The Apostle Paul taught and transmitted the Christian faith wherever he passed through and found particularly fertile ground in Northern Greece.