Commemoration of the “Pontic Greek Genocide” on 19 May

May is a month of great celebrations in Langadas. Great celebrations of the Orthodox Church and celebrations in memory of the victims of the Pontic Greeks Genocide take place with great pomp in this region full of refugee Greeks.

The Hellenic Parliament in February 1994 unanimously voted to designate May 19 as the Day of Remembrance for the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontus in 1916-1923.

This recognition morally vindicated Pontian Hellenism. However, the struggle for international vindication remains as the second largest genocide of all time has not been recognized.

In recent years many events for Pontian Hellenism have taken place in Langadas, such as the symbolic tree planting of the number 350,000 of trees symbolizing the immortality of the soul and eternal life that took place in memory of the victims of the Genocide of Pontian Hellenism at the “Park of Memory of Refugee Hellenism” in Kolchiko of the Municipality of Langadas.